We believe that knowing what is in your weed is better for your business, your customers, and the community. We offer independent analysis of cannabis and cannabis products for growers, brokers, manufacturers and dispensaries across Canada. We analyze for cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, mold, yeast, bacteria, pesticides and more, and score your sample based on the results.


Knowing what is in your weed helps your business, your customers and the community.

  1. Increase Shopability

    • Show your customers your range of strains and potency quickly and easily--which has been proven to drive multiple purchases per transaction

  2. Increase profitability

    • High rated items can drive a higher selling price. Low rated items can drive a lower buying price

  3. Track POTENCY

    • Normal variability from harvest to harvest can change cannabinoids, terpenes or many other characteristics--which will change the rating

  4. IDENTIFY Contaminants

    • Things are not always as they seem. Exotic strains could just be artificial terpenes. Seemingly good deals could be mold

  5. It's Better to know

    • Educate yourself; train your staff; teach your customers--it's always better to know


What does a report look like?

Each sample receives a unique report and rating available online.

Page 1.png

Easy to read graphs

Strain category, similar strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, general effects and smells presented at the start of every report


Hi-Def Photos

24MP Camera Photo and 10MP Microscope Photo

Expanded Analysis

Break-down all of the known medicinal effects of each cannabinoid and terpene

The Score

The score is based on how your strain ranks against other similar strains currently available across Canada in our database of over 750 strains 

How do we analyze?

We use the same techniques as the nutritional industry -- customized to cannabis. 

  1. HIGH DEFINITION PHOTOGRAPHY helps accurately identify the sample so what we test is what you buy

  2. HIGH DEFINITION MICROSCOPIC PHOTOGRAPHY exposes powdery mildew, mites, trichome development and other visible characteristics

  3. GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY with flame ionized detector and mass spectrometer identify the presence and amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, solvents and other variables

  4. HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY with UV detector and refractive index detector break down cannabinoid acids and decarboxylization

  5. PETRIFILM PLATING with incubator identify mold, yeast and bacteria


How do I submit a sample?

It's never been easier to test your weed. 

  1. Create new user profile on HIGHNORTH

  2. Select and purchase the test package on the HIGHNORTH store

  3. You will receive an email on how to prepare and send your sample to High North Vancouver